Thursday, November 10, 2011

Signage Now!

This past Friday was the 48th Annual Delaware Antiques show, so I decided to play hooky and peruse pieces I had no intention of buying.
Once I stopped drooling on the Deco jewelry - and that took quite a while - I explored the other booths.
Many of my favorite finds of the day were antique and salvaged signs. Of course, I'm at the "I don't need more furniture, but wouldn't mind more artwork." stage of decorating my 1961 ranch house. At least until that next piece of Mid- Century furniture is unearthed...
Some of the dealers looked like they'd strangle you if you attempted photography. At other booths, the lighting was less than helpful.
Enough blathering. Signage now!

 Yeah, it's a mirrored sign. That I could look at every single day.

 Subtle Deco Era perfection. This would look amazing in my kitchen.

 With this sign hanging immediately below it.

 The eye is eerily beautiful. And "At Dinner" just rocks.

 This screams "loo" to me, but could work in any room.

 Some charming smalls.

 Maybe over a kitchen window? Not too near the Deco GIN sign, obviously.

 A bit rustic for my taste, but still lovely.

 The one sign that took my breath away. This would look amazing hanging over the bar cart in my dining room. At $900, I will keep looking for the perfect piece of art.

A rather large glass sided display box. For storing stuff. And things.

So. Pleasing.

As an aside, it took me less than a week to get this post written and posted. Which might be some kind of record. Granted, it's my first blog post in over 3 weeks. I blame the cuteness of George and Vlad.

See? It's insanely hard to concentrate on anything else.
Enjoy the rest of your week!