Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kitchen Consignments

For any locals, there is a somewhat new business in Annapolis that any foodie should check out. The Backburner is a tiny shop chock- full of consigned kitchen and cooking items. From retro cookbooks and glassware to new in box Kitchen-Aid mixers, Annie (the proprietress) has an always rotating assortment of goodies.  
I'll be stopping in this week to drop off unused tart pans, a vintage set of four nesting Pyrex bowls in Butterfly Gold and some overflow barware. Who knows what I'll discover?

Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Friday! Happy National Punctuation Day!

Another week is coming to an end. It has been a busy, busy one around here. 

Part of my week was spent under the needle, getting the right side of this diagram tattooed on my upper right arm.

I'm getting this "untattooable" (according to another artist at a local, well- reviewed tattoo shop) work done at Tattooed Heart Studios, by the uber- talented Markuss Decker. One more sitting in a few weeks and we'll be all done!
 Between this project and random life occurrences (new car, anyone?), you, my lovely blog followers, have been all but ignored this week. Yes, I think of you often but my (lack of) blogging is the easiest to put on the back- burner when time becomes an issue.
Because it is Friday, this is a short and sweet post, just my way of letting you know I care.
Finally, today is a holiday that must be supported and celebrated. Happy National Punctuation Day!
You know how I'll be celebrating come cocktail hour. Enjoy your first weekend of Fall and always watch your punctuation.

Friday, September 17, 2010

A Vintage Sandwich Shop And More Mad Men Goodness

As promised, Gwen of CollectableSpectacle and I had a fun day of shopping yesterday. The weather was nice, the lunch was great and so was the company.
Not an everyday meal! The "half" size is 7" long.
Jiffy's Subs opened in 1959 and not a lot has changed.
The prices have been upped a bit. The Snoopy-esque characters let you know the rules.
"Bacon is now available on every sandwich." Sadly, I didn't have my camera- just my iPhone- guess that means I'll have to go back.

Even the exterior signage looks promising.

And my first score, in full- on post lunch, food coma mode...
Hipstamatic-atized for your viewing pleasure.
1960s glasses set now available here. 

And a wonderful way to end any week, this was posted in the Mad Men Fashion File Blog- Don and his retrotrend swim bag.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Donald Francis Draper, Gym Rat?

It seems the whole world has gone Mad Men crazy. And why not? The show is so many things- sexy, subtle, stylish, funny, heartwarming, etc. The fashions have helped fuel a huge movement in the vintage clothing market. Even Banana Republic is getting in on the action (link is to the voting for the Mad Men Season 5 casting call, not to BR). I've been a fan since the beginning. The Sterling- Cooper sets alone had me drooling. So when I sold a bag to the Mad Men prop department earlier this summer, it was very exciting. Sure, I've had sales to companies for archival use, spotted my vintage clothing in movies, TV and commercials, on stage, etc. over the years but it still continues to be thrilling. 

Bag to the ground for a post- swim smoke break.
Still, my heart beat a bit faster when Don (portrayed by Jon Hamm) walked out of NYAC in the opening scenes of "The Summer Man" carrying my bag, with The Rolling Stones playing in the background. Sunglasses and shift dresses, change was in the air.  Already being touted as a pivotal episode for the season, I'd be fibbing if I said it wasn't one of my top choices as well.

I'll be sourcing with the lovely Gwen of CollectableSpectacle later this week so stay tuned for updates of our exploits. And help yourself to a cocktail, retro style. You deserve it.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Having Your Birthday Cake and Eating It Too!

I've recently celebrated the third anniversary of my 29th birthday (Okay, I'm 32). For the past few years, my birthday cake of choice has been this lemon- blackberry cake with lemon, cream cheese frosting. So the recipe actually calls for blueberries, which work well. But raspberries and/ or blackberries rate higher on my fruit yumminess scale. So, when seasonally available, they are used instead. For fun, a bittersweet chocolate ganache is usually added.
FYI, the frosting makes at least an extra cup so be emotionally prepared for the struggle you'll undoubtedly face.
This years' version.
Last years' version.
For the past 10 plus years, I've been eating off of flatware that I find rather boring. Fine, I'm snarky- I hated it. Once these were spotted, the choice was clear.
Slim and modern, shiny and abstract without being distracting. Perfect!
Of course, the old service will be kept for extras at parties or deeds deemed not proper for the new hotness.

And if anyone is super- local, 3/4 of a very large and fabulous cake are still in the fridge.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy 9.02.10 Day!

Admit it, you watched Beverly Hills, 90210.
You can blame it on your sibling or BFF but you've seen the show.
I'll start, reputation be damned. I did watch the show. Not every week, not after the first couple of years, but I did watch it. There was a time between my snobby, elementary school brat years and my "Alternative" teenage years- which coincided with the early 1990's.
Remember everyone arguing over who was cuter- Dylan or Brandon? David and Steve? Not so much. Come on, there was the smart but not classically pretty girl, the pretty and popular girl, and the good friend.
So Miss Brenda Walsh rocked the boat with her dark hair and elitist attitude.
But every generation has a show or movie that addresses teen issues in a current way- and for us just barely thirty-somethings, 90210 was that show.
Drug use, drinking, gay rights, abortion, rape, pre- marital sex, AIDS- not the daily happenings of a 14 year old but this show did facilitate open conversations between parents and children.
Brenda trying to dye her hair blonde? Neon leggings? Poke fun all you want- this show was loved by millions and was on the air for a decade.

As such, I've created an Etsy treasury to honor this like totally special day. It was difficult to find examples of the fashions I clearly remember but would rather forget.

That's me, front and center. In Hypercolor. Summer of 1991, with my camp BFF in Body Glove. We'll just pretend my jeans weren't rolled, thanks to signage.

So head to the Peach Pit and order a milkshake to enjoy with friends.