Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Donald Francis Draper, Gym Rat?

It seems the whole world has gone Mad Men crazy. And why not? The show is so many things- sexy, subtle, stylish, funny, heartwarming, etc. The fashions have helped fuel a huge movement in the vintage clothing market. Even Banana Republic is getting in on the action (link is to the voting for the Mad Men Season 5 casting call, not to BR). I've been a fan since the beginning. The Sterling- Cooper sets alone had me drooling. So when I sold a bag to the Mad Men prop department earlier this summer, it was very exciting. Sure, I've had sales to companies for archival use, spotted my vintage clothing in movies, TV and commercials, on stage, etc. over the years but it still continues to be thrilling. 

Bag to the ground for a post- swim smoke break.
Still, my heart beat a bit faster when Don (portrayed by Jon Hamm) walked out of NYAC in the opening scenes of "The Summer Man" carrying my bag, with The Rolling Stones playing in the background. Sunglasses and shift dresses, change was in the air.  Already being touted as a pivotal episode for the season, I'd be fibbing if I said it wasn't one of my top choices as well.

I'll be sourcing with the lovely Gwen of CollectableSpectacle later this week so stay tuned for updates of our exploits. And help yourself to a cocktail, retro style. You deserve it.


  1. This is so thrilling!!

  2. Can you share the manufacturer of said gym bag? Love it. Want it.

  3. I sold an old office inbox to someone at American Dad (it's an animated show ... I've never watched it). And my family has been joking ever since ... we're sure that wood inbox is now one of their props. In cartoon form, of course.

    You must feel like a million bucks! Congratulations on the personal thrill and on your "great taste" validation.

  4. Wow, impressive and so cool! Love the show, great blog ;)

  5. Thanks, everyone!
    Ted, as with lots of great vintage, there was no tag, label, content or origin information on or in the bag.
    I've always been happy with my TiVo, but it is getting a work- out this week.
    The bag does make in to SCDP after the opening sequence and again at about mid- episode.

  6. amazingly cool! big congrats on this. actually I sold a gym bag from the luncheonette to the mad men prop folks around the same time -- and haven't seen it, but I haven't been watching regularly (gasp) and have no idea how I might find it, or if, or where....

    it is so much fun to play our little parts in this, though. so rewarding!

  7. the blogface is me, jana, from luncheonettevintage. :)

  8. Hi Jana! I remember, we Fed-Ex'ed at about the same time. I think your bag had such an equestrian look to it. I assumed Betty would rock it at the stables ;-) I've also been watching for your bag, a bowl from Rolling Hills Vintage and a few other items. Joan Harris keeps rocking a navy dress with navy and white ruffled detail that I swear I've seen on etsy before. Who knows?