Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy 9.02.10 Day!

Admit it, you watched Beverly Hills, 90210.
You can blame it on your sibling or BFF but you've seen the show.
I'll start, reputation be damned. I did watch the show. Not every week, not after the first couple of years, but I did watch it. There was a time between my snobby, elementary school brat years and my "Alternative" teenage years- which coincided with the early 1990's.
Remember everyone arguing over who was cuter- Dylan or Brandon? David and Steve? Not so much. Come on, there was the smart but not classically pretty girl, the pretty and popular girl, and the good friend.
So Miss Brenda Walsh rocked the boat with her dark hair and elitist attitude.
But every generation has a show or movie that addresses teen issues in a current way- and for us just barely thirty-somethings, 90210 was that show.
Drug use, drinking, gay rights, abortion, rape, pre- marital sex, AIDS- not the daily happenings of a 14 year old but this show did facilitate open conversations between parents and children.
Brenda trying to dye her hair blonde? Neon leggings? Poke fun all you want- this show was loved by millions and was on the air for a decade.

As such, I've created an Etsy treasury to honor this like totally special day. It was difficult to find examples of the fashions I clearly remember but would rather forget.

That's me, front and center. In Hypercolor. Summer of 1991, with my camp BFF in Body Glove. We'll just pretend my jeans weren't rolled, thanks to signage.

So head to the Peach Pit and order a milkshake to enjoy with friends.


  1. Fun theme for your blog and treasury! I was a teen in the mid/late 80's (graduated in 89')so I was in college for 90210! All those fabulous John Hughes films were made in my pivotal teen years!

  2. Hi Amy! I adore those movies too. Was a bit on young side the first time around (born in 1978 so at least I missed most of Disco) but they have aged really well. Another great example of relating to teens and goings on. I wonder how much impact Glee will have? I loved Popular when it was on but it didn't seem to click. Only time will tell.

  3. I have heard Glee and things like American Idol has impacted kids a lot in relation to singing - of course. That glee clubs etc are taking off. I would love if more musical movies etc like "the olden days" were made as a result!

    Also, I think Mad Men will/has impacted fashion which I LOVE!

    I never saw Popular!
    Lastly! Did you see the Glee Opener for the Emmys?

  4. I've been such a dead-beat this week, finally watched it this morning. Awesome! And you know how I feel about all things Mad Men- swoon.
    If you can easily rent Popular, I think you'd enjoy it. Only a season and a half- bad time slot but very tounge in cheek humor and situations. Lots of familiar faces, good fashion (for the time period).
    Have a great weekend!