Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Friday! Happy National Punctuation Day!

Another week is coming to an end. It has been a busy, busy one around here. 

Part of my week was spent under the needle, getting the right side of this diagram tattooed on my upper right arm.

I'm getting this "untattooable" (according to another artist at a local, well- reviewed tattoo shop) work done at Tattooed Heart Studios, by the uber- talented Markuss Decker. One more sitting in a few weeks and we'll be all done!
 Between this project and random life occurrences (new car, anyone?), you, my lovely blog followers, have been all but ignored this week. Yes, I think of you often but my (lack of) blogging is the easiest to put on the back- burner when time becomes an issue.
Because it is Friday, this is a short and sweet post, just my way of letting you know I care.
Finally, today is a holiday that must be supported and celebrated. Happy National Punctuation Day!
You know how I'll be celebrating come cocktail hour. Enjoy your first weekend of Fall and always watch your punctuation.

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