Friday, September 10, 2010

Having Your Birthday Cake and Eating It Too!

I've recently celebrated the third anniversary of my 29th birthday (Okay, I'm 32). For the past few years, my birthday cake of choice has been this lemon- blackberry cake with lemon, cream cheese frosting. So the recipe actually calls for blueberries, which work well. But raspberries and/ or blackberries rate higher on my fruit yumminess scale. So, when seasonally available, they are used instead. For fun, a bittersweet chocolate ganache is usually added.
FYI, the frosting makes at least an extra cup so be emotionally prepared for the struggle you'll undoubtedly face.
This years' version.
Last years' version.
For the past 10 plus years, I've been eating off of flatware that I find rather boring. Fine, I'm snarky- I hated it. Once these were spotted, the choice was clear.
Slim and modern, shiny and abstract without being distracting. Perfect!
Of course, the old service will be kept for extras at parties or deeds deemed not proper for the new hotness.

And if anyone is super- local, 3/4 of a very large and fabulous cake are still in the fridge.
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Very cool flatware and Happy Belated B-Day!

  2. Thanks! Still not quite used to the mouth/ have feel but it makes me happy to see it. And cake does taste better off of a pretty fork.