Tuesday, March 29, 2011

1970s - The Decade of Built In Nipples?

"Our exclusive braless- look bra is the very first bra to have it's own built- in nipple. Imagine having that sensual cold weather look all the time. It's so sexy, it'll give your shape a whole new eye-opening dimension."

I'm by no means anti- nipple, but my own are just fine, thanks!
How do you feel about The Nipple Bra? Would you have purchased one? Would you buy one now?

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Case of the 70+ Year Old Burberry Trench Coat

The VFG confirmed my dating of these Burberrys labels- this classic Men's trench coat is from the 1930s. Note the "B" within the shield and the early version of "Prorsum" within the banner.
 All vintage collectors do it. We imagine the past lives of our found garments.
A cocktail dress with original tags? Might have been intended for that cancelled date with that guy she really liked.
A Mid- Century button down shirt with pins, cardboard and other original packaging? Might have been an unliked gift from an out of town family member.
That classic leather satchel, with lots of wear and darkening? Clearly a favorite bag that saw daily use for many years.

So when I found this rare and very early Burberrys trench coat- I was quite curious.
Old enough to have seen wars and easily survived them. And in better shape than many other later issue ones I normally find- a sure sign of true and lasting quality.

 Double breasted, ten button front, front right shoulder flap, slash pockets at hips with button closures, original belt, wrist cinch belts and wool liner included.

The only button missing? The one under the right shoulder flap- and here you can see the original thread- more like twine! The lower button shown must have been moved down at some point and attached with normal thread.

The leather covered adjustment buckles are STILL fully covered in leather. Some light rubbed wear only. What else is different?

That's right! Pale greenish- leather sleeve end details.

Pre- metal collar hook or under collar buckle strap attachment- the left side of the collar has a button hole and the underside of the right collar has two corresponding buttons. Often seen to this day on the single breasted styles.

Another unusual feature? The wool button out liner has sleeves. For as long as I can remember (and on the coutless vintage Burberrys trenches I've sold over the years), the button out wool liners are vest style/ sleeveless.

The coat is lined in a lightweight wool plaid flannel- a pattern that is still used in some of the Spring weight trenches. The Nova Check was invented in approximately 1920, both plaids are still used by Burberry to this day.
The sleeves are lined in a heavy cotton weave- about the same color as the exterior.
Outer feels almost like a canvas, and has worn incredibly well over the many years this coat has seen.

Are there any condition issues? Yes, though less than you'd expect.
There is some darkening to the inner collar, especially around the back of the neck.
One button is missing- likely moved down at some point- as noted. The thread was a good choice but not a perfect match.
The removable wool liner has some moth damage.
Some light discoloration throughout- but this is made up for when you notice the hand- finished details on the lining and the undersides of the button holes.

Weighing nearly 6 lbs., this measures to a Men's modern US L (with a 52.5" chest) and will be available soon. As soon as I stop marvelling over it's wonderful history, that is.

A bit of extra Burberrys history:

Trenches are constructed of the Thomas Burberry- invented gabardine fabric- a hard wearing and tightly woven cotton, which is then waterproofed.
The first (and original) Burberrys trench coat was commissioned by the British War Office in 1914.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring into a "new" Look!

It's official- Spring has arrived! And with it, allergies, pasty legs and funny looking vintage skirts. It's a sickness, really.

One of my favorite things about a new season is the slight changes people make to their everyday looks. Sometimes it's a scarf, a pair of sunglasses, new earrings or a new hair style. Hemlines go a little shorter, styles become more relaxed and socks get burned. Huh?
I skipped my neighborhood's annual sock burning this year because I was too full from a Dim Sum brunch filled with roast pork yumminess.
Sock burning? It's a local thing- usually at yacht clubs, sometimes at bars. A way to welcome Spring- which is what I'm attempting to do with this post.
So, without further ado- a pick from each of my shops that makes me yearn for Spring!

This 1950s Nina Ricci silk scarf is large enough to wear a multitude of ways. The fold and tie is a personal favorite- pretty and feminine yet sexy and fun. Also great as a belt, a headscarf or around the neck.

This Washington Senators jacket hails from the 1963- 1971 era. Washington Senators? They became the Texas Rangers (that time around). DC has a long and sad history with baseball. And while I've never been a huge baseball fan, I (and nearly any DC area native) will tell you that "The Nationals" is a stupid name choice. This jacket, however, is a smart choice for any hipster, baseball fan or fellow fan of the nation's capital.

What better way to celebrate the cherry blossoms and longer days than to imbibe? These 1962 Toby Designs Tiki glasses were made in Hawaii. Hard enough to track down a single one- a flawless set of four is a total score! Perfect for your next poolside soiree or post- work brewski.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hot Dog!

This photo is slightly misleading, it goes with the lower section of the post, but so what.
Saturday started innocently enough. Slept in a bit, took a shower, made coffee and relaxed. A nice long walk at a nearby nature park with the pooches. Met some friends for lunch at a favorite local pub. Had a couple of spicy Bloody Marys and a crab pretzel. A few friends came back to the house for what became an 11 hour after- party.
The next morning, I made pancakes from scratch and gallons of coffee, but a slight, exhaustion- driven hang-over wouldn't quit.
Few things (grease, fried foods, fatty foods, salty foods, and any combination of these with melted cheese) usually repair my body, even if I feel guiltily sick for a few days afterwards.

It's in the parking lot of a horrible mall in a nearby (enough) city and has been there for over 60 years. Spotless though tiny interior + slightly surly counter help = my kind of greasy heaven.

As if Mother Nature has ANYTHING on the ladies who run this place!
Options are only posted outside, because you'll no doubt be waiting in line to get in. And be grateful about it.

 I did not photograph what I ordered (and devoured) because some primal part of my brain took over. It was a half of a foot-long double dog with chili, cheese, raw onions and hots. In incredible bread (a soft, sub roll with the perfect interior sponginess and soft yet flavorful crust) that must be made by hand there (or nearby). The hot dog (well, a foot- long cut in half for two hot dogs in one bun!) had a smooth and silky texture, the chili was meaty with a pleasant tomato flavor and not too greasy. The cheese was a melted yellow substance that stuck to everything. Perfectly chopped onions and some mild "hots" were a nice addition. A Diet Coke the size of my forearm helped cut through the goodness.
There was no room for soft- serve or milkshakes, which looked amazing! Or fries- which I've had before- they aren't that great.
Alright, inflatable moose head lady, this post has NOTHING to do with vintage, clothing, design or that other drivel you so often blather on about.
Here's what sold me on this place ages ago:

Your eyes do not deceive you. It's a tall drink of a female hot dog with mascara, pearls and lipstick. She's been there for ages, which her saucy sides and flirty bun.
So if you're ever in town, check her out AND order something outrageous, like a cheese steak with double chili on top and a banana milkshake.
Next time, I'll photograph my lunch. Guess that means I have to go back...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Save Denarius- Rewear the Ides of March- Sale Starts NOW!

It's SALE time!

 This 1960s navy patent Markay bag will be $20.40.

 retrotrend is offering 15% off of nearly every item- prices will reflect discounts taken.

 This MOD 1960s Men's sweater will be $23.80.
 RetroHommeVintage is also offering 15% off of nearly every item- prices will reflect discounts taken.

 This 1950's etched cranberry glass decanter and 4 glasses set will be $64.60.
 At ObjectRetro, use coupon code "VMTEAMIDES" to save 15% on every item.

 As always, cross- site shipping overages are gleefully refunded via Paypal.

 Rewear the Ides of March (Yup, I came up with that all by myself!) runs from Thursday, March 10th, 2011 through Sunday March 20th, 2011. It's a Vintage Market Team sale event so loads of other shops are participating. Just click here to see other items or search under "vintage" for "vmteamides".

 Now get to shopping!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spring Peeks for the Gents

Sunny mornings and warmer afternoons- the need for a Spring update is upon us- gents included!
All of these items are heading to the shop soon.

1980's "Top Gun" style Ray- Ban aviators in classic gold metal. Original Bausch and Lomb lenses, in very good condition.

1970's Etonic triacete polo shirt with spread collar and green diagonal balls print- perfect for St. Patrick's Day or on the courts- just not at the same time! Marked M.

NOS lilac Puritan acrylic knit mock-neck shirt, super MOD 1960s, marked M.

Brown plastic "Mad Men" frames, early 1960's. Marked 5  6- 1/4, these would be best on a Men's M- L face.
Early 1970's Van Cort polyester Hawaiian shirt, marked M.
1950's NOS (with cardboard collar display support) Hollywood Sanforized 100% cotton shirt. Top button loop, cuffed detail short sleeves, flawless. Marked L and ready for VLV!
Have a great weekend, everyone!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's March!

A quince branch in my dining room- for a burst of Spring.
Signs of Spring are popping up everywhere. Warmer and longer days, hints of color, birds chirping away. Trees are starting to bud. I'm even introducing color into my usually drab wardrobe of dark vintage basics. Yes, purple and olive are colors too.

My offerings are starting to sprout as well, like this Lilly Pulitzer skirt...

Or these French 1950s Cat Eye sunglasses...

Let's not forget these Courreges Sport Futur flamingo print walking shorts...

It's warm and a bit breezy here- time for a doggie walk. I'll post Men's Spring items later this week.