Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hot Dog!

This photo is slightly misleading, it goes with the lower section of the post, but so what.
Saturday started innocently enough. Slept in a bit, took a shower, made coffee and relaxed. A nice long walk at a nearby nature park with the pooches. Met some friends for lunch at a favorite local pub. Had a couple of spicy Bloody Marys and a crab pretzel. A few friends came back to the house for what became an 11 hour after- party.
The next morning, I made pancakes from scratch and gallons of coffee, but a slight, exhaustion- driven hang-over wouldn't quit.
Few things (grease, fried foods, fatty foods, salty foods, and any combination of these with melted cheese) usually repair my body, even if I feel guiltily sick for a few days afterwards.

It's in the parking lot of a horrible mall in a nearby (enough) city and has been there for over 60 years. Spotless though tiny interior + slightly surly counter help = my kind of greasy heaven.

As if Mother Nature has ANYTHING on the ladies who run this place!
Options are only posted outside, because you'll no doubt be waiting in line to get in. And be grateful about it.

 I did not photograph what I ordered (and devoured) because some primal part of my brain took over. It was a half of a foot-long double dog with chili, cheese, raw onions and hots. In incredible bread (a soft, sub roll with the perfect interior sponginess and soft yet flavorful crust) that must be made by hand there (or nearby). The hot dog (well, a foot- long cut in half for two hot dogs in one bun!) had a smooth and silky texture, the chili was meaty with a pleasant tomato flavor and not too greasy. The cheese was a melted yellow substance that stuck to everything. Perfectly chopped onions and some mild "hots" were a nice addition. A Diet Coke the size of my forearm helped cut through the goodness.
There was no room for soft- serve or milkshakes, which looked amazing! Or fries- which I've had before- they aren't that great.
Alright, inflatable moose head lady, this post has NOTHING to do with vintage, clothing, design or that other drivel you so often blather on about.
Here's what sold me on this place ages ago:

Your eyes do not deceive you. It's a tall drink of a female hot dog with mascara, pearls and lipstick. She's been there for ages, which her saucy sides and flirty bun.
So if you're ever in town, check her out AND order something outrageous, like a cheese steak with double chili on top and a banana milkshake.
Next time, I'll photograph my lunch. Guess that means I have to go back...


  1. Wow.. Love the story and the inflatable hot dog lady! I think Mr. Moosey Moose may have a crush...

  2. She's a solid (likely fiberglass) dame, about 9 ft. high!

  3. I looked closer after posting that and thought she might be solid. Well, I still smell love in the Spring air for Mr. McMoosey. Am I even getting his name right? Sorry Mr. McMoosey.

    That is one cool hot dog for sure. :-)

  4. His name is totally up foe debate. And I always thought he and Barbara would make a great couple...
    If you can survive on milkshakes and soft- serve (and happen to be near Glen Burnie - in front of Marley Station Mall), you should check Ann's, and the mascot, out!