Friday, August 14, 2009

It is time to start a blog!

Hello! I've been a vintage clothing and lifestyle fan for many years. After leaving a profession I did not enjoy, I started sharing my love of vintage and retro items with the world by selling them online. First through Ebay and to local vintage shops- nearly a decade later I am selling vintage on Etsy as well, with a site for women and another for men. This has morphed into personal shopping for clients who are looking for gently used designer clothing as well as amazing vintage pieces.

I've been fighting the need to start a blog for a while now- who would read it? It is time to find out.

You can see what I do on the following sites: for women's vintage clothing, accessories and retro housewares for men's vintage clothing and accessories for pre- owned modern designer items and classics as well as collectible vintage clothing and accessories

You can follow me on Twitter at

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