Monday, July 26, 2010

Seven months later- recluse blogger reappears!

Hello everyone!
Yes, I am a complete and total dead-beat blogger. This is nothing new. I think about blogging, read cheeky blogs that make me smirk or laugh or cringe and wonder why that can't be me, sharing my life and inner-most thoughts with my three (3!) followers.
No, my blog info isn't listed anywhere on any of my other social media links- perhaps that is a part of the problem. 1400+ Twitter followers and 820+ Facebook fans tolerate my daily randomness, perhaps it is time to really try blogging.
It could be me. I'm creative, super snarky and have an undeniable Summer 2010 addiction to Fudgsicles.
I will not promise you the moon or the stars or a regular blog post, but, in making the effort to be a better blogger (stop rolling your eyes already!), here is a recent interview by Etsy's Vintage Market Team, of which I am a member.
Also, I've changed my blog avatar to my well loved inflatable moose head mascot. Perhaps a new layout to follow. Obviously, I can't commit to too much all at once. Perhaps by Halloween. Or Hannukah.
Read even more about me here:
And here is the link to the VMTEAM Facebook page:
Let me know your thoughts and thanks for tolerating my active lack of blogging.

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