Monday, July 11, 2011

Salad dressing and an apology

No, I am not about to apologize for posting my favorite salad dressing recipe here. Even amateurian liked it when she and her family were here visiting a few weeks ago. Not that I took photos or anything. When one blogger takes a vacation and the other is slacking, you only get to read about how cool my Michigan friend is. So there.

 The ingredients: hazelnut oil, rice wine vinegar (I prefer the mid- grade or "light" as there is a bit less sugar but it still has a really pleasant bite), lemon juice, garlic, sea salt and a Mason jar.

 I like garlic and use one mid- sized to large clove for every 2 oz. of liquid. You can adjust to taste.
Smashing the peeled garlic clove with the side of your knife prior to chopping seems to release even more garlic flavor.

 Mince- for as long as you can stand to. The finer the garlic is minced, the more likely it is to melt into the rest of the dressing. I'm about half way there in my photo.

 Add the minced garlic and a few generous pinches of sea salt to a jar, close and shake a lot.

 You'll be using equal parts of your three liquid components. Add 1/3 lemon juice (or two ounces in this 6 oz Mason jar shown).

 Add an equal volume of rice wine vinegar.

 Add an equal volume of hazelnut oil.

Shake until emulsified and store in the refrigerator. Keeps at least two weeks, not that it will last that long.

It's tart and tangy, with a bit of a kick (yes, just like me). Wonderful on salads of any sort, from mixed micro herbs to Boston lettuce. Wonderful on a slaw- type salad or on blanched veg. Or grilled veg.

Reminiscent of the classic dressing used in French restaurants (not the goopy orange crap, geez!), this is light and wonderful.

The actual recipe:
equal parts rice wine vinegar, hazelnut oil and lemon juice
1 clove of garlic per 2 oz of total liquid volume (more or less to your taste profile)
sea salt

Crush and mince garlic.
Add to jar with generous sea salt and shake.
Add equal parts of each liquid (based on jar size) and emulsify.
Try not to drink directly from the jar.
Store in fridge is not immediately consumed. 

And now, for the apology you've all been waiting endlessly for... I have once again pushed this blog aside as soon as I got busy. And I will continue to attempt to be a better blogger. But there are so many things to write about. Like my new Google+ obsession. And my 12 year anniversary. My new exercise plan. Summer in general.
Until next time, please check out my new shop buttons, way up on the top right side. One per store. Fancy, huh?
Have a wonderful week!

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