Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Funny Food Signs and Halloween Ideas

Perhaps it's because lunch is next on my schedule.
I adore funny food signage, packaging and displays. A lot. Frequent stops are made on the aisles of grocery stores to whip out my iPhone and snap away.
We've grown familiar enough with each other and you either tolerate or get my sense of humor, so I now feel comfortable sharing this hobby with you.
This is the screen- saver on my iPhone.
This was taken during a dining show on local TV.
And I've been lucky to be included in Jenn's great costume ideas 3 times. Check out Blue Butterfly Vintage's blog for lots of Halloween inspiration.
My plan is to dress as Isabella Blow. What other great costumes will be seen this year?


  1. Indeed! So glad someone gets my sense of humour.

  2. ha ha ... i have a photo i took outside a closed conference room door, where the sign read:

    Hazardous Waste