Friday, November 5, 2010

A Vintage Rescue + Winner Annouced!

When it comes to vintage clothing and accessories, I am a purist.
For example, maxis should never become minis unless damaged beyond repair. If it is stained or has large holes, a mini is better than no dress at all. 

Simple alterations to make an item fit you? Of course!

On occasion, I come across damaged vintage that can not be otherwise used.

 Like this large size 1960s black lizard bag that tugged at my heart strings. The body looks fantastic, the strap was barely attached on one side.

 Cracking, splitting, tears to the lizard and the inner leather layer- a complete loss.
I removed what was left of the original strap.

 I have a pile of damaged belts and vintage hardware for just this reason- sometimes an item can be saved if rethought. A heavy gold tone metal chain link belt (from about the same era), split into two sections (shoulder and hand length), then attached to the original brackets at the top.

 The clasp is a brighter, brushed gold tone but the overall look is luxe and timeless. Not original, but a very good fit and now an enjoyable piece of history.

I'll almost always use as a shoulder bag but do like the hand carry option. Both straps look equally great swagging against the glossy lizard skin body.

Contest update:

There were two entries I really liked but in the end, "Mrs. Robinson" won out.
"Suzi Quatro" was an inspired suggestion and will be used for a variation of the classic Mrs. Robinson. Or a reinterpretation of an Aviation. 

Thanks to all who entered! 

 While Emily's e-mailed suggestion noted that she didn't want a prize, she did score this dress last week, after I force- fed her copious amounts of wine. And cookies were hand- delivered last weekend.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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