Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco de Georges

Huh? Please allow me to explain.

This is George. Or Georgie. Or Georges. Or Handsome George Francis Rufus Cooper.

This is George in the back yard. You can no doubt spot poison ivy, as well as loads of other living things (bonus points for spotting the soccer ball). For those that know me, my constant state of poison ivy infection during warm weather months probably makes a lot more sense.

I adopted him in July of 2007 at the local SPCA. He had been dropped off the previous October as a 5- 6 month old puppy, according to his vague intake papers. By someone who lived in an apartment and wasn't allowed to have pets.

Given his approximate age, it seemed a Spring birthday was in order, probably in early May. Celebrating Cinco de Mayo with a stripey dude in tow is pretty awesome. This year, the official celebration will be on Saturday, culminating with an outdoor lunch at a local Five Guys.

For those that are curious, he was labelled a pit pull/ German Shepherd mix. He howls, bays, yodels, yips and beat- boxes like no dog I've ever known. He's probably a Plott Hound with some German Shepherd and who knows what else mixed in for good measure.

So I've just blogged about one of my dogs. Am I a crazy dog person? I don't think so. I do think that I'm lucky to have George (and Sadie, the topic of earlier posts) in my life, because they make every single day awesome. No matter what.

And now, for the slightly preachy statement: Adopt your pets. Used animals rock!
Too much responsibility? The economic downturn hit animals too. People lost their jobs and their homes, which means a lot of animals lost their families, homes and security. Please consider donating food, supplies, money or free time to your local animal shelters.


  1. You're such a kind person because you adopted handsome George! I have also a dog, we called her shinny, she's very adorable. I always play with her and walk with her in the street. I always put her a
    comfy control harness for dogs protection.. :) I love her as you did for George.