Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Manhole Cover + Barrel = Table

Can't find an outdoor table you like? Make one with found objects.
I'd coveted this antique barrel with glass top for ages. After borrowing it several times during one summer, it was given to me - on permanent loan.

Thanks, Eleanor!
The only issue? The glass wasn't secured and would sometimes shift around. Not ideal with dogs running about and occasional visiting kiddos.

I'd spotted this antique "GAS" line manhole cover weeks ago at a local nature park. It had been pulled out of the creek, possibly used as an anchor at one time.
Note the rusty goodness!
After waiting about a month, I snagged it this past weekend. Clearly no one else wanted it- it was just sitting on the side of a bulkhead on a small public beach with boat launch.

It now has a home, holding down a piece of glass on top of a barrel. Hard to see in the photos, but it lays perfectly within the bottom rim of the barrel- creating a fabulous layered yet floating effect. Still plenty of room for glasses along the outer glass surface- the center is level enough for plates.

The table sits between two chairs on the Dura-Rock patio. Which might be a story for another post- someday.

Now get to random object hunting and let me know what you come up with!

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