Friday, August 13, 2010

Purses as works of art?

Yup, it is Friday the 13th! I did venture to the post office today for a very important reason. Mostly I spent the day at home, photographing lots of new vintage goodies that will be listing soon.
Looking around every single room in my house, I find vintage and retro items that inspire me. I've shown you some artwork and furniture already. Today, let's focus on display pieces that really change the feel of a room.

This antique trunk doubles as blanket storage and as a coffee table in the guest room. Lucky guests are allowed to play Simon.

Turn of the century "A Lunatic" metal trunk holds an original Simon game, copyright my birth year.

I spend quite a bit of time in my office. And I have a severe vintage bag addiction. My office needed something on the walls and screamed for pegboard displays. 1960s framed student fashion drawings hang off to the left, bags ranging from a 1940s wool clutch with mink front to a 1960s Morris Moskowitz crocheted straw bag with gold chain strap.

The black bag display.

The colored bag wall- featuring bakelite handles, a kelly green satin and lucite evening bag, a floral tapestry bag with bamboo handle... And so much more.
The colored bag display.
And the reason for today's trip to the post office? My Facebook page's contest winner was Lisa of Weezi fame. She picked a crazy pink silk and velvet floral petal hat with pearl detailing, circa early 1960s.

Here I am, modelling the winning hat.

Here is the hat on my display head.
Here's to a wonderful weekend, with or without crazy retro hats!

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  1. that photo of you is classic! LUV the wall of bags!! Very inspiring xo