Tuesday, August 17, 2010

You're my Miss Washington, D.C.

I'm a D.C. gal, born and bred. I've always lived in or around the nation's capital and have a soft spot for many things D.C.- related.
Making fun of former mayor Berry? Oh, yes. "Bitch set me up!" See how fun that was? 
Loving the early, glory days of D.C. United? Coolest kits ever!
Shows at Fort Reno, the old Black Cat (Black Cat) and the oddly sticky, cave- like 9:30 Club? 
Living on the South East side of Capitol Hill and watching people cringe when you said "South East", not "Capitol Hill"? Yes, snarky me really enjoyed that.
My fabulous Sadie dog was found on the side of the road in DC when I was driving to a nearby thrift store. She was starving, frightened of older men with canes or umbrellas and older women in long skirts (who isn't?). She was also fight trained and showed signs of horrible abuse.
Look at my monkey now!

This isn't a post about my dog- but about the city I love.
So when a former D.C. Area resident and friend of mine linked this...

...I was sold. It is from The Heads of State  travel poster series. Multi- color screen print serigraphs, well priced, hand numbered and on very high quality paper. I've purchased an appropriate frame (though will need to buy and cut the properly sized mat) and will share the finished result with you someday soon.

I like many of the other available city designs. The bold graphics have a vintage feel and the iconic landmarks are depicted beautifully. These would make wonderful gifts.

Since I attended grade school in the greater D.C. Area and Back to School is in full swing, here is today's Treasury Tuesday.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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