Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Color My Office Beautiful

I've had good and bad experiences with bold wall colors. A bright red bathroom with skylights in the center of a 17' wide row house? Very bad. That same bathroom in a bright electric blue? Amazing. Of course, the tiny bathroom was painted white before the house was put on the market. Snow White, as I recall. I've been quite guilty of choosing paints by name alone (hence the Flaming Sword bathroom of anger- RED ROOM, RED ROOM!). It's never, ever a good idea, just like picking wines based on the label only.

This is the history of Crayola Crayon colors, by date of issue. Exceedingly pleasing. Of course, wall paints come in even larger spectrums. Of amazing depth. Often with horrific names.

You see, I haven't been all that pleased with my photos recently and am looking for a change. After shooting against several paintings, even moving one into my office, I think wall COLOR might be the answer. Choices have been narrowed down- you can add your opinion here. There are plans to pick up a few more paint swatches, perhaps a warm but not too dark blueish- gray among them. So many choices. 

Until next time... which will be later this week, honest.

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