Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Val (cough) en (sneeze) tines

Hello and a happy belated Valentine's Day to you all!
(Speak the title just like Ian Sveonius in Mockingbird, Yeah!)

I bought this charming card from SweetPerversion. Because I'm all heart, baby.
My significant other brought home roses, French chocolate truffles and the plague.
I HATE being sick (And so many of you love it, right?) and am fighting back. Violently.
I'm currently living on chewable Vitamin C, Throat Coat tea and fat free, low sodium chicken broth with various ingredients added. Sleeping horribly- well, worse than usual, which is bad for an insomniac with a moderate coffee addiction. Even my trusty signature cocktail, Mrs. Robinson, didn't taste right last night. Quel horreur!
Assuming I'm physically able to get out of bed tomorrow, there will be updates. Or a photo. Or both.

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  1. I'm right there with ya, baby! I'm so sad we are out of brandy for my tea and honey! I think I'm on my second box of kleenex and have developed a close personal relationship with my nettie pot.