Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Updates and whatnot

Photo completely unrelated to a short and rambling blog post.
Me in high school, circa 1994. Can't remember who took this- it was a project in our photography class and he gave it to me after it was graded. My funky (and quite short) haircut outline (think Justine Frischmann of Suede and Elastica- I was lucky enough to see Elastica play their very first US gig at the original 9:30 club in DC), giant 1960s Omega watch and at least three layers of vintage tops got random guy an A+ grade. Stumbled across this while looking for a different scan but thought it was cool. Now ending the longest caption EVER. 

I've succumbed to the dreaded plague and feel all sorts of awful.
Had a fever over the weekend, in addition to a very sore throat, swollen sinuses and overall bouts of lethargy.
Feeling a bit better and am slowly returning to normal. Still sneezing, nose is chapped from repeated blowings, voice is slightly hoarse from so much coughing.

Also spending a lot of time planning the future of the Etsy team I recently took leadership of.
I've always joked about world domination through vintage clothing- now it seems within reach!
Another sign of world domination- this blog now has 200 official followers and countless (mostly because I feel too lousy to check my stats today) readers around the world. Also, I'm huge in South Korea. It's my second highest country following.

Enough for now, I'm out of tea and tissues.
I'll find that other photo for Wordless Wednesday.
Don't forget to check out my new Tumblr page, where I've challenged myself to use 30 different purses in 30 days. Non- stop excitement, I know.
No XOXO for you guys- I'm too sick. Enjoy your afternoons!

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