Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ch... Ch... Ch... Changes (And, We Have a Winner!)

Imagine David Bowie singing the title.
There, that's better.

So much for blogging on a regular basis.

Something you should know:

I've been promoted to captain (or HBIC) of the Vintage Market Team. Previously, I was the leader in charge of promotions, which included overseeing social media interaction for the team, (Twitter, Facebook, blog) and sales events. Connie, known to many as AntiquesGaloreGal, was our leader for about 18 months and has decided to step down.
I've got very big shoes to fill- she was always available with kind encouragement and words of support.

Hence my inclusion of this photo. This WWI era signed litho hangs in my bedroom. There is something about the fearless dignity of the subject- her selflessness and caring nature make her beautiful.

Connie, you will be missed. I hope I told you enough- you and your time were always very much appreciated by me, as well as the rest of the team.

Here's to a bright future for a wonderful team of vintage sellers!

And what all of you have been waiting to read (okay, the four of you who entered, in spite of the hundreds of RTs)- the contest winner announcement! The winner of the four MCM glasses is... MartyrsAndManiacs (Great name!). Contact me with your address and your glasses will be in the mail.

Until tomorrow... when Wordless (or Wordful, if time allows) Wednesday (probably) resumes.

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  1. OMG, I love the picture, and of course as soon as I read ch ch ch, I knew david bowie... congrats :)